12 Mistakes Everyone Makes With Overnight Oats

Mornings are a busy time of the day for most of us. Whether you are getting the kids ready for school or have a big exam or work presentation to prepare for, breakfast is often

placed on the back burner or skipped altogether. In the search for a quick and easy option that is both filling and healthy, many people turn to overnight oats. This tasty

dish solves a lot of issues people run into when trying to plan breakfast. It is easy to prepare ahead of time (hence the overnight descriptor), you can customize it in a

seemingly endless number of ways, and it's loaded with nutritional value. But as simple as it is to prepare, it can be just as easy to mess up. If you are on a mission to

perfect your overnight oats recipe to add to your arsenal of breakfast ideas, we have several mistakes you will want to avoid. Many of these issues boil down to personal

preference, so make sure to experiment when concocting your ideal overnight oats creation at home.Using The Wrong Oats Let's start with a fundamental fact: Your overnight

oats are going to need oats. As the key ingredient in this dish, oats will make or break your breakfast. So, it is important to make sure you are selecting the type that will

enhance your dish instead of hinder it -- and it all begins in the grocery store. Typically you will come across three main types of oats in the store: rolled, quick, and

steel-cut. To the casual observer, they may all seem the same, but in fact, they can make a huge difference depending on what you are preparing.