14 Most Thrilling Alpine Roller Coasters In Switzerland

Worldwide travelers are called to prepare themselves to have their assumptions about summer fun in Switzerland challenged. The amazing Matterhorn Glacier can be skied, and the

lofty Swiss Alps may be hiked. Tourists can wander from one mesmerizing chocolate factory to the next and take a relaxing train excursion. Many high-altitude lakes offer swimming

opportunities. However, they should get ready for some adrenaline rush too!! On a track built of gleaming stainless steel, they can race down a hillside at thrilling high speeds.

Here are the top 14 alpine roller coasters in Switzerland. UPDATE:

2022/09/04 10:21 EST BY GABRIEL KIRELLOS More Exciting Roller Coasters In Switzerland Who doesn't enjoy racing down Swiss mountains on

thrilling toboggan runs and roller coasters in summer? Everyone loves trying this unique experience. This list was updated to include additional exciting roller coasters, and

toboggan runs in Switzerland, such as Rodelbahn Stuckli Run in Sattel-Hochstuckli and Rodelbahn Frakigaudi on Mount Pilatus.

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