Iran's 'morality police' accused of murdering woman for not properly wearing hijab, sparking protests

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s morality police are embroiled in a shocking case of brutality for the alleged murder of a 22-year-old woman arrested for failing to comply with

the theocratic state’s radical law requiring women to cover their hair.  The case of Masha Amini, who died Friday in Tehran, sparked widespread outrage among

Iranian-Americans who are urging President Biden to deny a visa to Iran President Ebrahim Raisi to prevent him attending the United Nations General Assembly, where he will address

the world body next week. "Masha was from my hometown, Saqqez. She was a brave Kurdish girl. The agents of the government killed her because brave Iranian women challenge

the symbols of the Islamic government wherever they can and refuse to follow the laws of slavery," Sardar Pashaei, the former head of Iran’s national Greco-Roman wrestling team,

told Fox News Digital. "The people do not consider only a few police officers responsible for Masha’s murder, but they directly consider Ali Khamenei [Supreme Leader of

Iran], Ebrahim Raisi and Mohammad Khatami [former president of Iran] as partners in this crime." IRAN REGIME LEADERS ACCUSED OF MASS MURDER IN 2019 PROTESTS He

stressed the Iranian people blame the regime clerics he cited as responsible for Amini’s murder because "they call from their podiums to crack down on the opposition and encourage

the so-called morality police. People are very angry about this situation, and this anger will one day bring down the mullahs’ government."