Queen’s funeral - latest: George and Charlotte will attend service as UK says goodbye

LIVE – Updated at 00:25 Britain will today say its final farewell to Queen Elizabeth II – the country’s monarch who ruled for 70 years. The State Funeral is the

first of its kind since that of Winston Churchill in 1965, and will take the form of an elaborate ceremony that will see Her Majesty’s coffin transported from Westminster Hall to

Westminster Abbey and finally to Windsor Castle. Hundreds of dignitaries are due to attend the service at the Abbey, with presidents, prime ministers among the 2,000-strong

congregation. Transport for London has said it expects upwards of one million people to line the route in London, as millions more watch the televised service around the

world. The queue for mourners to visit the late monarch’s coffin lying in state was closed at 10.45pm on Sunday. The hall will be closed to visitors still in the queue at

6.30am and will be transported to Westminster Abbey for the ceremony at 11am. On Sunday night, it was confirmed by the order of service that the Queen’s great-grandchildren,

Prince George and Princess Charlotte, will attend the historic event. Key Points People warned not ‘to set off to join the queue'Man charged after

‘disturbance’ by Queen’s coffinFears London transport network will be overwhelmed by mournersJust 24 hours left to see the Queen in stateRoyal schedule for Sunday

Striking photo shows Beefeaters taking a break from 20 minute shifts holding vigil in Westminster Hall 23:50 , Sam Rkaina Royal

guards standing vigil by Queen Elizabeth II coffin as it lies in state in Westminister Hall have been captured taking a break in between shifts.