Trump Fumes: DeSantis Stole My Plan for Shipping Migrants

In recent days, Donald Trump has privately voiced his anger over Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis sending planeloads of migrants to Martha’s

Vineyard. Trump’s displeasure, however, has nothing to do with moral revulsions at the governor using human beings as unsuspecting pawns for a political attack. Instead, Trump is

telling allies and confidants he’s outraged that DeSantis seems to think he’s allowed to steal the ex-president’s mantle as both media star, and as

undocumented-immigrant-basher-in-chief. Since the Florida Republican — possibly under false pretenses — flew migrants from the Texas-Mexico border to Massachusetts,

Trump has pointedly complained to some of his closest associates that DeSantis is attempting to take the national news cycle away from him, two sources with knowledge of the

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Leaving Crowd Mesmerized'Shootings, Stabbings, Rapes, Carjackings.' Trump Brings Roadshow to Ohio, Trashes America Trump has fumed over all the praise DeSantis’ action has

been receiving in influential conservative circles lately — such as on right-wing media like Fox News — and has privately accused DeSantis of doing this largely to generate a 2024

polling boost for himself among GOP voters. (Earlier this month, Trump and his political operation blasted out a brief statement claiming, “Mar-a-Lago raid gave Trump a 10-point

boost over DeSantis with Republican primary voters, poll shows.”)